How to Move Bunk Beds

Bunk beds can be difficult to move as they are heavy and awkwardly shaped. Follow these simple directions for a safe project that will keep you and your furniture safe.

Moving to Clean

In the event you need to move the bunk beds a bit for cleaning, all you need is a helper that will assist you. If the bed is flush to a wall and you can maneuver where you are at one end and a helper is at the other, get in position looking across from one another. Place your hands at the corners of a cross bar, if available, or under the mattress frame at each corner. If the bed is not too heavy, you and your helper should be able to lift the bed gently enough off the floor to slowly move it away from the wall. Once away from the wall you can lift one end to rotate the bed enough away from the wall revealing the flooring below for cleaning.

Make sure to examine the bed to see if any bolts or screws have come loose whole picking it up and moving it. If so, take the opportunity to not only re-tighten the screws or bolts loosened while moving, but check all bed hardware for tightening while you have the furniture away from the wall. Once the area around the bed and the floor has been cleaned, rotate the bed back to a horizontal position adjacent to the wall and return it as you had moved it away.

Moving Away

When moving the bed to another location, it is probably a great idea to disassemble the furniture before transport. However, remove all mattresses first. Use two mattress covers to protect it during transport – one on top and one on the bottom. This will help protect against any dirt, dust, scuffs or possible cuts and tears. Create a sling-like carrying tool using two sheets. With the mattress on its side, place one sheet around the front and one around the rear so the movers have a place to grip easily lifting the mattress to move.

Once the mattresses are removed from the frame, carefully disassemble the frame, retaining all bolts and screws. Using masking tape and a marker, label each piece for easy identification later on if the bed is to be re-assembled. If not, plan to properly dispose the material according to local rules and regulations. Be careful when disassembling the bed watching for sharp edges in both metal and wood construction. Also be careful not to create wood splinters while removing all the parts of the frame. Use either rubber bungee cords to gather similar sized pieces together or apply masking or duct tape backwards securing frame sections together. Wrapping tape backward to make a “tied” connection will help prevent damage to the bed finish.

Safety while moving your bunk beds should be your first concern so wear appropriate attire while performing this task to protect mainly your hands and feet.