How to Naturally Reduce the pH of a Freshwater Aquarium How to Naturally Reduce the pH of a Freshwater Aquarium

What You'll Need
pH testing kit
Peat chips
Nylon mesh bag
Elastic band or twine

A freshwater aquarium can be a decorative addition to any home, suitable for those who have experience of keeping fish as well as for those that have none at all. A certain level of maintenance is required to ensure that the water is at an optimum level for the type of fish it contains. Being aware of the steps necessary to adjust the pH balance naturally can be a useful part of this process.

Step 1 – Research

If you are inexperienced at keeping fish, you should begin by undertaking some research. Check what pH level is suitable for the fish that you have. The pH level ranges from 0 to 14 and different fish prefer it at different levels, while some are adaptable if the change is made gradually. A little research will enable you to get an idea of the correct pH balance according to the fish that you have.      

Step 2 – Test

In order to know the extent to which the pH balance of the water needs to be reduced, you must begin by testing the current level. A testing kit can be purchased from pet stores and hardware stores, which can be used to test the pH level in the freshwater aquarium. This will often incorporate strips that can be deposited in the water and will change color according to the composition. A neutral pH will be at a figure of 7.

Step 3 – Prepare

Peat chips can be used to reduce the pH level of a freshwater aquarium in a natural way. A handful can be gathered in a bag before being installed in the tank. A piece of nylon mesh can be used to create a pouch in which the peat can placed. Even if the netting is new, it is worthwhile rinsing it in clean water. This will ensure the removal of any errant particles that may contaminate the water in the tank. Place a small handful of peat chips into the netting and gather it up in a pouch style to enable it to be secured with a rubber band or twine.   

Step 4 – Installation        

Once you have built it, the pouch of peat chips can be placed into the filter of the freshwater aquarium. Remove the hood of the tank and position it where water is able to pass through it and it is secure enough not to move about.

Step 5 – Adjustment   

After leaving the freshwater aquarium for at least an hour, return to it to check the pH level using the testing kit. In the event that it is not low enough, you can add more peat chips to the pouch. Alternatively, crushed coral can be added to the tank if the pH level has reached too low a level. After a waiting period, you will then be able to test it again to ensure it is at the desired level.

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