How to Negotiate a Better Price for Wedding Venues How to Negotiate a Better Price for Wedding Venues

Weddings are known to cost a great deal, and one of the biggest expenses is the cost of wedding venues. However, getting the best price for your choice of wedding venues can be done with a few basic negotiating skills.

Be Prepared

Do your research. Look at similar wedding venues locally and online, and work out the limit of competitive pricing. Remember, you are not trying to take money from these wedding venues, but you are looking to get the best deal for your own wedding. There is a tradition of financial mark-up in wedding venues, so there should be plenty of room for manoeuvre.

Negotiate Early

The sooner you begin negotiating, the more likely wedding venues are to be willing to compromise. If you negotiate with several months before the wedding, you are likely to get what you want for the right price. Most wedding venues make their biggest returns on last-minute weddings, so if you have time, make use of it.

Be in a Strong Position

Wedding venues are competing for your custom, and most managers of these venues should be willing to compromise a little on price in order to retain your business. Be prepared to hang on for what you want, but decide on a good price before, and be hesitant to shift away from that price too much.


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