How to Offset Sleeve Anchors How to Offset Sleeve Anchors

What You'll Need
Masonry bits (for working with concrete)
Tape measure
Sleeve anchors

Offsetting sleeve anchors as you build a deck will decrease the chances of wood splitting and unnecessary expansion in concrete. It will also help you avoid weak spots in construction. This needs to be done in several types of applications, including some siding installations and deck installations.

Step 1 - Determine Offset Placement

In most cases, you will want to offset the anchors based on the size of the anchor itself. So if you are using an anchor that is 3 inches in diameter, you want to place the offsets 3 inches apart. There are some exceptions to this. For instance, if you are working with siding you want to add about ¼-inch to the offset placement when you are working with corners.

Step 2 - Installing With an Offset

Mark the placement for all the anchors first. If you are offsetting multiple anchors, alternate the installation to keep the integrity in place. Start by drilling all your pilot holes, then work your way back and forth between the anchors. Place the sleeve in the pilot holes, and install accordingly.





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