How to Oil a Weed Eater Engine How to Oil a Weed Eater Engine

What You'll Need
Your weed eater
Empty 2 gallon gas can (make sure there is a cap that appropriately seals)
One gallon of regular unleaded gasoline (this is to be in a separate container)
One container of 2 cycle engine oil (40:1 is the best to purchase)

A weed eater engine requires a gas solution that is mixed precisely to the directions in order for it to run properly. This gas mixture is made up of engine oil and regular gasoline, mixed up thoroughly and then placed in the weed eater.

Below are the steps to show you how to properly oil your weed eater machine. This will ensure that your weed eater runs properly, efficiently, and with proper maintenance stays running for a god amount of time.

Step 1 - Pour in the Oil

The first thing you want to do is to take your 2 cycle engine oil and pour it into your empty 2 gallon gas can. Make sure that you take your empty oil container and replace the cap securely and dispose of it appropriately to ensure there is no harm that may come from it.

Step 2 - Pour in the Gas

Now taking your funnel, insert it into the opening of the once empty 2 gallon gas tank. It will sit in the opening, with the space facing you.

Take one gallon of regular gasoline and pour it into the funnel that is in your 2 gallon tank. You will want to do this slowly, and very carefully to ensure no back splash.

Step 3 - Shake It Up

Remove the funnel and close the gas can. In order to get the right mixture, you must vigorously shake the can so the mixture can mix together at a good rate. Do this for about 1 to 2 minutes to ensure that it is mixed thoroughly.

Step 4 - Fill the Tank

Take your funnel once again, and place it in the opening to your weed eater gas tank. This funnel will once again sit in the opening with the space facing you.

Take your mixture that you just shook up, and pour it very slowly into the funnel that is inserted in your weed eater. Again, making sure you pour the mixture slowly will help prevent any back splash from happening.

Step 5 -  Step Away

Now that you have successfully and very carefully filled the tank of your weed eater with your mixed up solution, it is time to try out your machine.

You will want to walk away with weed eater in hand, from the spot where you filled the tank. This will prevent any harmful happenings to occur. There could have been a bit of oil, gas, or both that were spilled onto the grass. Any spark can be dangerous, so just to be safe walk away.

Then all you need to do is pull the cord and let it go. You will want it to idle a bit first, so the oil and gas mixture has a chance to run through the lines properly.

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