How to Oil Hardwood Deck Tiles

What You'll Need
Handheld vacuum
Rubber gloves
Safety goggles
Trisodium Phosphate
Timber oil
Pressure washer
120-grit circular sander

Hardwood deck tiles are very easy to maintain and require little attention but through daily wear and tear, and the effects of sun, moisture, humidity and unpredictable weather, they need to be coated with oil which gives back the hardwoods clean, new looks and gives it more protection for the years to come.

Step 1 – Clean the Deck

Clean and sweep your hardwood deck. Remove all forms of dust, debris and other particles that may be left on the deck. Clear your deck of all furniture’s that can be an obstacle when oiling your hardwood deck tiles. If you observe any deep markings from moving furniture, high heels, and unavoidable scratches, you may use a 120-grit circular sander to even out the surfaces. When you’re done sanding, using your handheld vacuum or regular vacuum, suck out all the remaining dirt and saw dusk. You wouldn’t want to apply any of your chemicals nor timber oil to dirty deck tiles as these maintenance chemicals will not stick to dirty surfaces.

Step 2 – Apply Soap and Water

Put powdered soap and water inside your pressure washer then set aside. You will use this for washing of the trisodium phosphate from your deck.

Step 3 – Mix Water and Trisodium Phosphate

Mix 1 gallon of water and 1/4 cup of trisodium phosphate. Make sure you use gloves when preparing this chemical solution for your hardwood deck tiles. Use a sponge when applying this solution. Make sure you cover all the areas of your deck tiles. Let it stand for 2 minutes.

Step 4 – Rinse Off the Deck

Rinse off the hardwood deck tiles using your pressure washer. Make sure that the pressure is kept at a minimum as not to leave any markings on your deck tiles. Pressure washers can be too pressurized that it can even dent metal and scratch steal. So be very careful when you’re dealing with a pressure washer and wood.

Step 5  - Apply Timber Oil

Take your paintbrush and apply timber oil on each deck tile. Make sure that oil covers all the tiles very well to give it sure protection. After painting around 5 feet, go back and even out all oil applications to make sure it’s even. If there is excess, wipe it off with a cloth rag. This will ensure evenness and consistency of the gloss.

Step 6 – Dry the Deck

Dry your hardwood deck tiles for around 4 to 5 hours and making sure you leave a sign for people not to walk on them. Keep pets away as well. If this is the first application after installing your deck tiles then you will have to apply oil 2 to 3 times. If it is just maintenance then once is enough.