How to Operate a Manual Lawn Edger

A manual lawn edger creates clean, finished lawn edges along driveways, sidewalks, patios, and the outer perimeter of your lawn. The manual lawn edger creates a cleaner, more professional finish than the lawnmower and tends to be more cost effective. However, since it is powered by you, as opposed to gas or electricity, the manual lawn edger will require a fair amount of physical effort. 

Understand how Your Manual Edger Works Before Edging

Not all manual lawn edgers work the same way. You will either need to push and pull your edger back and forth to cut the grass with the rotating blade, or you will need to step on it to push the blade through the grass.

Carefully inspect the areas where you intend to use your lawn edger. If there is ground cover hanging over the cement, loosen it with a spade before you begin to edge. This step will make finding the edge of the concrete or blacktop much easier while edging.  

Hold your manual edger along the edge of the lawn, driveway, or sidewalk, so that the blade is between the edge of the lawn and the concrete.   You may need to rock the edger back and forth, applying force to cut through remaining ground cover. When you reach the end of a row, use your spade to remove the excess grass.