How to Operate an Airless Paint Sprayer

What You'll Need
Owner's manual
Airless sprayer
Cleaning solution
Painter's tape
Old sheets
Protective eye wear
Work gloves
Painter's cap
Long sleeve shirt
Long pants
Work boots

An airless paint sprayer is an application device that makes the job of covering walls faster and easier. The sprayer operates on electricity. The electricity powers a hydraulic pump that takes paint from a bucket and moves it through a tube to the nozzle. The paint is sprayed out of the nozzle onto the wall surface.

Step 1 – Preparing the Area

If possible, remove any furniture and any other items from the room you are painting. Place the old sheets over anything left. Lay more cloths on the flooring. Open windows to increase air circulation and ventilation. Put on all of the necessary work clothes and protective eye wear to prevent any paint from getting on your skin. Read the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer of the paint sprayer.

Step 2 – Preparing the Sprayer

Run a cleaning solution through the paint sprayer to remove any residue. For enamel paints use lukewarm water. For latex-based paints use a solvent, and mineral spirits for oil-based paints.

Step 3 – Preparing the Paint

Following the instructions provided, thin the paint you are using.

Step 4 – Painting the Wall

Hold the sprayer about ten inches from the wall. Keep the nozzle pointed directly at the wall. Move the sprayer about three feet across the wall in a horizontal direction. Paint from the top of the wall to the bottom of the wall. Overlap the sections as you work.