How to Operate Blenders

A blender and fruit.

Blenders are used for a variety of prep tasks in the kitchen such as chopping nuts, whipping cream, mixing ingredients for a salad dressing, and even blending ingredients for a thick, great-tasting shake. While using one is fairly straightforward, keep these tips in mind for the best user experience.

Keep It Stable

When using your blender, set it on a work surface that is clear, clean, and flat. Use your blender on a stable surface so it doesn't fall or "walk" across the counter when in use.

Put Ingredients in According to Steps

A blender with fruit and smoothies on display.

It may be hard to believe, but the order in which you feed ingredients into your blender can make a big difference in the outcome. Always add your ingredients in the order specified by your recipe.

Use the Different Settings

The different blender settings are there for a reason. When you use them for their intended purpose, you will get much better results while not putting unnecessary strain on the motor or mechanisms. Always use the recommended settings for different ingredients. For example, use the "ice" setting for making milkshakes and the chop function for nuts, garlic, or other foods you can want to cut into smaller, finer pieces.