How to Paint a Ceiling Fan Blade How to Paint a Ceiling Fan Blade

What You'll Need
Protective mask/gloves
Enamel paint/house paint
Old rugs/used fabric
Paint remover
Cotton cloth
Heavy-duty sandpaper
Painter's tape
Bricks/wooden blocks

Seldom considered important, the appearance of a ceiling fan blade can significantly affect the appearance of your interior. Although, contemporary ceiling fans use durable, metallic-finish paints, the painted surface is often worn-off with repeated usage. Fan blades can be given a quick makeover by painting them yourself. Ceiling fans are also painted as a part of home redecorating projects. Painting a ceiling fan blade is not demanding, but you should follow some basic instructions.

Fan Blade Painting Basics

Enamel paints are recommended because they are more durable than latex paints. They are also more weather resistant. Purchase exterior house paint if you want to create a contrast for the blades by painting the fan’s housing in a different color. Housings are usually painted in striking colors--in shades of basic metallic colors like brass or bronze.

Tip: You can use enamel and house paints sold in spray cans to makes the painting process faster and to give a glossy finish to the blade’s surface.

Disengaging the Ceiling Fan

Switch-off the fan and wait for the blades to stop moving. Using the screwdriver, unscrew the entire unit and place it on the table. Using the wrench, remove the fan blades from the screwed brackets. If the screws are present on top of the blades, you should use a screwdriver that has a short handle.

    Preparing Painting Surfaces

    Use an elevated, newspaper-covered surface for painting to help turn the blades and access their underside. Spread a drop cloth under the table to catch paint drips and spills. Thoroughly clean the blades by brushing them and cleaning them with a wet cotton cloth. Remove the old paint by using the paint remover. Allow the blade to dry. Lightly sand the blades to help the paint adhere to the blade’s surface. Using a roll of painter's tape, mark-off any areas around the blades that don’t need to be painted. The bracket arrangement is often left unpainted because painting might affect the tightness or the balance of the fan.

      Painting the Ceiling Blades

      Shake the spray can thoroughly before use. Apply several thin coasts, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next coat. When the blade's top side is almost dry, turn it over to paint the underside.

        Assembling Painted Fan Blades

          You should re-assemble the fan unit only when the fan blades have completely dried. Set the motor unit of the fan on the table and align the blades next to their respect markings on the bracket plate. Secure the blades with the screws. Tighten the screws with the screwdriver. Avoid excessive tightening, since this can damage the finish of the blades by inducing cracking along the freshly-painted surface.

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