How to Paint a Concrete Bench

Cement block bench with cushion and pillows
What You'll Need
Scrub brush
Warm water
Liquid soap
Feather duster
Polyurethane topcoat
Paint rollers
Oil-based paint
Vacuum cleaner

A concrete bench can make a welcome addition to virtually any front or backyard. To truly accentuate the beauty of such a bench, however, you may want to consider painting it.

Step 1 - Clean Your Concrete Bench

Use a feather duster to remove any dust or cobwebs from the bench. To ensure that the bench is completely dust-free, run one of your vacuum cleaner's brush attachments over it. Next, give the bench a vigorous scrubbing with the aid of a scrub brush and a homemade cleaning solution of warm water and mild liquid soap.

Step 2 - Apply Your Epoxy Primer

paint roller in a tray with paint

Start this step by vigorously rubbing down your concrete bench with a wire brush. This will give your concrete bench a rough texture, which, in turn, will enable your epoxy primer to securely adhere to it. Next, use a paintbrush or a paint roller to apply your primer, making sure to use smooth, even strokes.

Step 3 - Apply Your Paint

After your primer has dried, use a paintbrush or paint roller to apply your oil-based paint in broad, even strokes. It is recommended that you use a small paintbrush to apply the paint to your concrete bench's crevices. After applying your first coat of paint, allow it to dry, then apply an additional coat if you think the bench needs it. Once the paint has dried, use your roller or paintbrush to apply a coat of polyurethane topcoat.