How to Paint a Concrete Driveway with Stencil

A two-car garage with a concrete driveway.
What You'll Need
Pressure washer
Concrete patch
Concrete primer
Paint roller with a long handle
Concrete sealer
Paint sprayer

To give your home some real curb appeal, learn how to paint a concrete driveway with stencil. You can match it to your style of home and the color scheme of your choice, and the project isn't hard. Follow the simple instructions below to nail the look you want.

Step 1 - Prepare the Area

You'll first need to prepare your concrete driveway. Have the driveway pressure washed, or rent a pressure washer and do it yourself. Make sure you clean the area thoroughly, as any leftover dirt and grime can interfere with the quality of your paint job.

After you let it dry, fill in any cracks in the concrete with a patching application. These are simple enough to find at your local home improvement store and they're easy to work with. Follow the instructions on the packaging to make sure you give the substance enough time to dry.

Step 2 - Cover the Driveway with Primer and Sealer

Next, you will want to apply a primer made for concrete so you have a smooth surface to work with. Spread it over the entire surface you're painting with a long-handled paint roller, overlapping your passes for complete coverage.

Follow this with a coat of sealer after the primer is dry. If you do not seal the concrete, it will absorb the paint that you stencil as concrete is very porous. Let this dry well before beginning to lay the stencil.

Step 3 - Choose a Stencil Pattern

There are so many choices when it comes to a stencil pattern, and it is a completely personal choice. You can make your driveway look like brick, mosaic, or just about any pattern you can imagine. Self-adhesive stencils are easiest to work with for such a large project and the assortment of patterns available is abundant for this type.

After purchasing the stencil, carefully read the directions for the pattern you have chosen. You will be given directions on how to measure for your particular area.

If you're particularly creative and ambitious, you can even make your own stencil! However, it is advised that you stick to the premade variety for your first couple of projects so you have as much instruction as possible.

Step 4 - Paint Your Driveway

After you lay down your stencil, lightly sweep the area with a broom to ensure you have no debris that will adhere in the paint. You can either paint by hand using an extended roller, or by using a sprayer. Apply two coats of paint, allowing it to dry between coats for as long as your paint packaging suggests. After painting and letting both coats dry, you can remove the stencil. Follow this with another good coat of sealer to protect your stencil designs and to give it a nice shine.

Step 5 - Let the Paint and Sealer Cure

You will need to let your driveway cure for 48 to 72 hours before you park your vehicle on it. If it is rainy or very humid, you may want to give it a full three days to harden enough. After this time is up, you will just need to do a little maintenance every so often to keep it looking fresh and new.

Step 6 - Perform Regular Upkeep

Once a year, you can lightly pressure wash your driveway to remove any mold and grime. You can also do this with a regular water hose and some elbow grease and the results will turn out about the same.

If you happen to have oil spills happen at any time, you will want to clean it up as soon as possible so your paint does not change color and leave a permanent spot.

If you do have an area that is damaged, you can fix that spot and seal it again. It may be a slightly different color for a short while, but it will weather and match the rest quite quickly.

Adding a stenciled driveway may raise the value of your home due to the added curb appeal. At the very least, it will be a great "welcome home" each day when you pull in your driveway!