How to Paint a Custom Powder Coat

How to Paint a Custom Powder Coat
What You'll Need
Powder coat
Heat resistant gloves
Face mask
Pneumatic sprayer

Custom powder coating is a quick and environmentally friendly way adding color to just about any metal object.

Step 1 – Clean the Surface

Ensure the pieces you want to powder coat are clean and free from dirt and old paint. Sand-blast them or use a good grade of emery cloth.

Step 2 – Preheat the Oven

Turn on the oven so that it is heating while you are coating the pieces

Step 3 – Spray Coat

Spray the pieces so they have a good even coat of the powder coat.

Step 3 – Bake for 15 Minutes

When the oven is hot enough (375 degrees) place the pieces inside (make sure they are not touching each other) for about a quarter of an hour. This is usually plenty of time.

Step 4 – Allow to Cool

Allow the metal plenty of time to cool down before removing it from the oven—always use gloves for this, just in case.

You have just painted your metal objects without having to use cellulose paint sprays or masking and you have achieved a better finish that is bonded to the metal.

Edward Kimble, professional painter and author of Interior House Painting Blog, contributed to this article.