How to Paint a Faux Stone Wall: Ideas and Instructions

What You'll Need
Drop cloths
Base coat
Two or three faux stone glazes
Paint brush
Masking tape

Faux stone wall is a popular finish that is now catered for in ready mixed faux stone glazes. As long as the general color scheme you use is natural looking you should be able to produce a realistic finish. Rather than try to produce a masterpiece first time, restrict yourself to a base color and no more than three glazes.

Step 1 – Prepare the Area

Remove all covers and fixtures from the wall or carefully mask them with tape. Remove any furniture and protect the floor with drop cloths or cardboard.

Step 2 – Paint the Wall

Paint the wall with the base color. This will be the mortar between the stones. Apply two coats of the base and allow each to dry thoroughly.

Step 3 – Mark the Stones

Decide how big and how orderly you want your stones to be. You can start off with a typical staggered brickwork pattern of similar sized stones or have a random distribution of larger stones. The size of the room will be a guide. Large rooms look better with large stones.

Step 4 – Tape the Joints

Using half inch to one inch width masking tape, mark out the joints as you want to see them between the stones.

Step 5 – Paint the Stones

Working one stone at a time and starting with the darker glaze that you have chosen, use a balled up rag to apply the glaze within each ‘stone’ area. Apply the lighter colors to give a feel of dimension and also to imitate the fall of sun-light and shadow. After applying a color you can pat it with cheese cloth to make the application fuzzier.

Step 6 – Remove the Masking Tape

When you are satisfied with the stone effect that you have created, carefully peel the masking tape off the wall. The contrast between the joints and the brickwork could be too stark so be prepared to use a watered down version of one of your glazes to go over the joints with a paint brush. This should be done carefully so that the joints don’t lose their definition.

Step 7 – Highlight

An impressive highlight for a faux stone wall is a window. You can create the window surround by painting smaller stones. If you want a scene to be seen through the window you can use a printed scene from a poster. More realistic and more dramatic is to have the window shuttered.

The shutter can be painted within the window area. A dark brown or black could be the base coat. Let this coat dry thoroughly and then apply a lighter brown color. While this color is drying, scrape the tips of the teeth of an old comb along the paint to create a wood grain effect.