How to Paint a Formica Countertop How to Paint a Formica Countertop

What You'll Need
acrylic latex enamel paint or epoxy paint
solvent cleaner
paint rollers and brush

A formica countertop can be painted to give it a new or modern look. Most houses or apartments that have a built-in formica countertop can be made contemporary-looking and stylish by painting the old countertop and giving a new appearance to the interior design of the house. This will also save you lots of money as you do not have to replace the countertop with a new and more expensive one. All that you need to have is basic painting know-how and a good imagination.

Step 1–Choose the Paint Color and Design

Decide on what the newly painted formica countertop will look like. Do some research on different patterns that can be painted on the countertop. You can mimic an antique wood look, a charcoal effect, a stone look, or just a simple look. Once you have arrived at a decision, it is time to measure the total surface area of the countertop, making it possible for the home improvement store to give you an estimate. Go to the store and purchase the necessary tools and materials for the project. Keep in mind that a paint roller is important since it makes the painting job a lot quicker. However, you also need to use a paint brush for harder to reach areas.

Step 2–Prepare the Surfaces for Painting

Use a sandpaper to rough up the entire surface area, allowing the paint to seep through easily. This step is needed to ensure that the old coating is removed before the new coat of paint is applied.

Step 3–Clean the Surfaces

Check for burning flames to ensure safety when cleaning and painting. Open the windows and doors as well in order to improve the ventilation inside the room. Wipe the entire surface area of the countertop using a solvent cleaner. A solvent cleaner may either be lacquer thinner or any other solvent that does not destroy formica.  Wipe the surfaces clean until all debris and dirt are removed.

 Step 4–Coat the Surfaces with Primer

Evenly coat the countertop with primer before starting the painting job. Be sure to allow the primer dry before applying the paint.

 Step 5–Paint

Make use of epoxy paint for better results when painting the formica countertop. This type of paint will dry harder and is more durable than other types of paint. The paints come in a variety of colors to choose from. However, if epoxy is an expensive option, make use of a cheaper oil-based enamel paint that will take longer to dry and does not last as long. Apply the first coating on the countertop evenly using a paint brush with soft bristles. Allow the first coating to dry before applying a second coating. A second coating over the countertop will ensure that the paint lasts longer.



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