How to Paint a Foyer Entry Table How to Paint a Foyer Entry Table

What You'll Need
Drop cloth
Fine grit sandpaper
Tack cloth
Paint brush
Paint tray
Old rags
Lemon oil

A foyer entry table allows you a space to display accessories or family photos as well as giving your entry a warm feeling as soon as you enter the door. If your foyer table needs some sprucing up, try painting it to give it a new look. You’ll need a few supplies from the paint store or home improvement center to get started.

Step 1 - Remove Hardware

If your table has hardware, you will want to remove it so it does not get paint on it. Simply remove the hardware with a screwdriver. Set all of the hardware together in a bowl so you do not lose any of the screws. If they are a little dull or dirty, you can soak the hardware in warm soapy water to remove the debris. After the hardware is removed, you will be ready to sand your piece.

Step 2 - Sand

Take your table to the garage or a place where you have plenty of room to work. Place the table top down on the drop cloth.  Using the fine grit sandpaper, sand the legs and any trim that hangs down from the top. Wipe down with a tack cloth to remove all of the debris. Turn the table right side up and sand the top. Wipe it well with the tack cloth too so you do not get the dust in the paint. After you have it thoroughly clean, you can apply primer onto your table.

Step 3 - Primer

Use your paintbrush to apply the primer. The primer will give you a smooth surface for the paint application, and it will also fill in any dents on your foyer table. Pay special attention to any carved areas so you get them well. Catch any drips or runs with old rags. Allow the primer to dry, which will take approximately 30 minutes, and it is ready for paint. Clean your brush and allow it to dry before using it for painting.

Step 4 - Paint

Apply the paint using the paintbrush using long even strokes. You can use two coats of paint on the top for added protection. Clean your brush once more and dry while your entry foyer table dries completely. The next step will be to apply polyurethane.

Step 5 - Polyurethane

Polyurethane will give added protection from nicks and dings, and add shine to your table. Apply evenly to all of the painted surfaces. After it dries, allow it to cure, or harden well, for 2 days before placing any heavy objects on the top. Reattach the hardware that you removed. You are finished painting your foyer table, and will now just need to keep your new finish looking new using lemon oil.

Step 6 - Protect and Clean

Clean weekly using lemon oil. Rub it on the finish with an old clean rag and rub until the residue is removed. Lemon oil will keep water rings from forming if you happen to get a spill from watering a plant or setting a drink on the table. It also helps to repel dirt and makes for easy dusting. With proper care, your foyer entry table finish will last and last.

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