How to Paint a Full Face Motorcycle Helmet How to Paint a Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

What You'll Need
White full face motorcycle helmet
Erasable marker

A full face motorcycle helmet not only provides you amazing protection in the case of an accident but also gives you a rather “cool” look to go around with. As it covers your entire face and has a chin bar for more protection, a full face motorcycle helmet is a wise and safe choice for anyone and everyone who chooses to ride a motorbike. However, it is even more fun when you get to customize your helmet in a design you simply love. You could be a quintessential “metal-head” and try on a Metallica logo for your helmet. You could be a young lady with a knack for pop culture. With that, you can paint something glittery on to your full face motorcycle helmet. It is easy and very attractive. The best part is that you do not have to worry about the protection since it provides style and security at the same time. Here is a list of things you will need to go on to paint your motorcycle helmet. Follow the instructions carefully so that you can paint a design of your very own choice on to your helmet. Have fun!

Step 1 – Choose Design

For the very first step, it is obvious that you need to choose a design of your own choice. This can help you decide what kind of colors and hues you will require for your helmet. Remember that the only factor that limits the design on your helmet is your creativity. Your design should reflect you. If you are a lover of music, go for designs that give music notes or headphones in cartoon styles. If you like fire, then you should apply flame streaks on your helmet. If you fancy Internet memes, then you should definitely try painting or even pasting a popular meme like Domo Kun or even The Dramatic Squirrel! The idea is to have fun with your style and paint happily.

Step 2 – Use Durable Acrylic Paint

You need to use a highly durable acrylic paint that will not wear off of a motorcycle helmet. This kind of paint can be applied directly onto the helmet without it stripping off the original paint. Make sure you choose a design that leaves the eye shield untouched and unpainted, like racing stripes or a skull along with dragons and flames or simple comic book characters. You should pick a design that reflects your style.

Step 3 – Use Neutral Helmet

Use a white helmet for your full face helmet as the design. This will not allow other paints to interfere with your painting. Sketch your design out on the helmet with a marker before you paint it. Make sure you carefully outline the design so that once the colors are filled in, it looks proportionate. Paint the sides, top and back of the helmet according to the style you have chosen and outlined for yourself.

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