How to Paint a Galvanized Fence

What You'll Need
Craft knife
Pressure washer
Paint brush
Galvanized metal primer coat

If you have a galvanized fence, then you may be unsure how to paint it in order to preserve its qualities. Galvanized metal is made from a piece of steel or similar which is then dipped into molten zinc. This gives it an extra coat which will protect it from hot and cold weather. On the downside, a galvanized fence can be prone to rust and peeling along with other kinds of damage, meaning that you will have to repaint it every so often. In order to get the most from your different types of galvanized metal fence, you will need to strip away old layers of material and add a completely new layer to it.

Step 1 - Remove the Old Paint

The first step is to strip your old metal paint off of the galvanized fence. You can use the craft knife to lift off any soft of peeling or rusted material from the fence. Remove as much as possible of the paint, and then use your pressure washer to clean the fence and take off any loose debris. Make sure that the fence is completely free of pain before you proceed. Once this is done, add a little bleach to some water and use the sponge to wipe down the fence. This will help eliminate any mold and algae that has grown on the gaps in the fence. You are now ready to start painting. 

Step 2 - Add the Primer

The next step is to add your primer to the galvanized fence. Begin by painting the bottom of the fence, and then move up and around in slow, even strokes. You should be able to cover the fence completely with the primer. Once this is done, allow it to dry before you start using the paint.

Step 3 - Adding a Top Coat

You may want to use a number of different pains, depending upon whether you live in a very cold, or very warm, climate. If you happen to live in the kind of climate which experiences a  lot of rainfall, then you should use a urethane coat, but if the weather is hot, then you should use an acrylic. The paint should be applied using your paint brush, covering all of the galvanized fence as best you can. Make sure that you have completed as much of the fence as possible, and then leave it to dry.

Step 4 - Finishing Touches

You may need to add another layer of paint to the galvanized fence before you have it completely covered in paint. Before you finish, you should also consider adding a layer of rust prevention gloss, or perhaps a varnish finishing, in order to protect your galvanized metal from the worst of the weather. This will help preserve both the paint, and the fence beneath it.