How to Paint a Logo on Storefront Glass

What You'll Need
Non-water-based glass paint
Ceramic thinner
Wire wool
Layout software
Measuring tape
Masking tape
Paint remover
Window cleaner

If you have a store, you will want people to recognize your presence and what better way to achieve this than painting your logo on the storefront glass?  It makes the store visible and it provides excellent advertising. You could employ a sign painter to do the job but it’s not difficult to do it yourself. It takes a little work but the result on your storefront glass will be worth every moment of effort.

Step 1 - Cleaning the Window

You can’t paint a new logo on the storefront window until the glass is sparkling clean. If there are any remnants of an old logo, you’ll need to remove those first.

Use paint remover to get rid of old features then use a good quality window cleaner on the storefront glass, wiping it with a clean, soft cloth. Go over it several times to make sure you get rid of all the grease and fingerprints that will have accumulated over the years. Once you’re satisfied that it’s clean, leave it to dry completely.

Step 2 - Logo Design

You might already have a logo for your business that you want to transfer to your storefront glass. Trace it onto graph paper. If not, you can use simple page layout software to design one on your computer. Alternatively, if you have an artist friend, have them design one to your specifications and put it on your computer.

When you’ve done this, take the image to a print shop. They will be able to enlarge the image to a size that is right for your storefront window. With this, you’ll be able to trace the image onto the glass, ready for painting.

If you’ve put the existing logo onto graph paper, trace a grid into your glass and use freehand drawing to create the logo, working grid by grid. Use chalk or a grease pencil to make the image on the window.

Step 3 - Painting

Before you begin painting, put masking tape around the edge of the storefront glass where it meets the wood. This will stop you accidentally painting over from the glass into the window frame. Rub down the area to be painted lightly with wire wool to promote adhesion and wipe the area clean afterwards.

Using a small brush and non-water-based glass paints in the preferred colors to paint your logo on the storefront glass. Ceramic paints are usually the best for glass. Don’t be afraid to go slowly; it’s more important to have it looking good than to finish quickly. If you make a mistake, clean it up with the ceramic paint thinner which can also be used to thin the paint if it’s too thick. Just be careful not to thin it too much. If you take a break, clean your brush immediately otherwise the bristles will gum up with the paint.

You can achieve a better effect by putting on 2 or more coats of paint. Be sure to let each coat dry thoroughly before applying the next. When you’ve finished, remove the masking tape and clean up any stray paint with the ceramic thinner. Once the storefront glass is completely dry, which will take at least 8 hours, clean it again with the window cleaner until it sparkles and shows off your new logo.