How to Paint a Metal Porch Swing

A metal porch swing is usually made of wrought iron. The material is very resistant and can last for a long time if maintained properly. Unlike wooden porch swings, the metal swings are not prone to mildew, cracking or other connected problems. However, metal porch swings also need maintenance and protection against rust and regular painting is a must. People usually avoid painting metal, but this can be done using the proper products and following a few steps.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Protective sheets
  • Sandpaper (to remove rust and old paint)
  • Rust remover
  • Soft steel wire brush
  • Anti-corrosive metal primer
  • Disposable brushes for metal primer
  • Metal paint
  • Paint brushes

Step 1 – Find a Place to Paint

If possible, move your metal swing porch in a well ventilated area. The painting area should also protect the swing from rain and other factors which could interfere with drying (i.e. dust accumulation). Place some protective sheets or newspapers beneath the swing. This will help protect the surrounding area from drops of paint.  

Step 2 – Clean the Metal Swing

Scrub the metal surface using a soft steel brush and sandpaper. This will help remove old paint and part of the rust. Steel brushes have various degrees of stiffness. Choose a softer brush, as otherwise, it may scratch the surface. However, the brush should be hard enough to clean the debris on the surface.

Step 3 – Remove Rust

Use a wire brush to apply a product to remove rust. There are several chemicals you can find on the market which can be used to remove rust. Some of these have to be applied using a brush, while other can be sprayed on the surface.

Let the rust remover act for a period of time according to the manufacturer’s instructions and then remove it. Some of the rust remover products require brushing and further cleaning using sandpaper. When you are done with the cleaning, you can rinse the surface, then wipe it and let it dry for 12 hours.

Step 4 – Apply the Primer

Use disposable brushes to apply the primer on the entire surface. You should use some anti-corrosive latex or oil-based primer.

Let the primer dry completely. Primer might lose the wet appearance before it is completely dry. Therefore, it is recommended that you wait for about 24 hours just to make sure the process is completed.

Typically, 1 layer of primer is enough; however, if you want to be certain your metal porch swing is protected against any future corrosion, you can apply an additional coat.

Step 5 – Apply the Paint

Use fine brushes to apply the paint on the surface. Make sure to apply only thin layers and that you do not leave any paint bubbles. Let the swing dry before you apply the second layer. For best results, 2 coats have to be applied. Let the paint dry completely before you move or use the porch swing.