How to Paint a Metal Spiral Staircase Part 2

What You'll Need
Metal finish
Metal primer

Part 1 of this article talked about how to prepare the metal spiral staircase for painting. In this article, we are going to talk about how to apply the paint and the metal finish.

Step 1 – Apply Metal Primer

After cleaning the metal, dry it off completely before you start priming it. To apply primer your metal spiral staircase, put a ladder parallel to your spiral staircase then use the ladder to reach the upper areas of your metal staircase. Do not use the staircase while applying primer or paint on it.

For best results, you need to use both etch primer and high build primer on your metal staircase.  Start by apply light etch primer directly into the metal spiral staircase. Carefully apply the primer from the top to the bottom of the stairs. This way, you will be able to catch most of the drips and smooth it out on the surface of the metal. After applying etch primer, let the staircase dry completely before you apply the high build primer.

You need to apply at least two coats of high build primer on top of the etch primer. To make sure that the high build primer sticks to the etch primer, apply one coat of primer and then let it dry complete. Pay close attention to hard to reach areas when applying the primer and make sure that you do not miss a spot. Repeat the process until you achieve the desired result.

You may need to move your ladder around the spiral staircase to reach all the areas that need priming and painting. When moving your ladder, make sure that you put it in a secure position before you climb on it.

Step 2 – Smooth the Dry Primer

Once the primer is completely dry get a piece of wet sand paper to smooth out the primer. Use a 600-grit to smooth out the surface then use an 800-grit sandpaper to achieve a fine finish. When sanding the primer, rub the surface gently and try not to remove too much primer to avoid weakening the foundation of your paint.

Step 3 – Clean the Staircase

After sanding the primer, clear your staircase again. You may use a damp rag to wipe off dust and particles from the staircase. After wiping off the staircase, let it dry completely.

Step 4 – Apply the Paint

When applying paint, start at the top of your stairs then work your way down to the bottom. You may use paint rollers or paintbrushes to apply the paint. For a finer finish, you need to apply about 3 coats of high gloss enamel paint to your stairs. Apply only light paint coatings then let each of the paint coating dry or become tacky before you apply another coat. To avoid uneven coloring, apply each coat at one time only.

Step 5 – Apply Polish or Sealant

Once the paint coatings have completely dried up, add a coat of polish or sealant on top of the paint. Let the polish or sealant dry completely before you use your stairs.

Step 6 – Remove the Covers on Your Floor, Furniture and Fixture

After you are done painting your metal staircase, remove the covers on your floor, furniture and fixture then clean the area.