How to Paint a Metal Work Table

What You'll Need
Fine Grained Sandpaper
Dish Soap
Clean Rag
Drop Cloth
Spray Paint

While your metal work table probably seems durable enough, the truth is that it requires some maintenance every now and then. Metal tables can get rusty, but a good coat of paint can do a lot to prevent this from happening. Additionally, you may simply want to paint your work table to make it look better. Whatever your reason, painting a metal work table is a relatively straightforward task that you should be able to accomplish with no trouble. However, you can get the most value out of your work in the shortest amount of time possible by using the proper painting techniques.

Step 1 - Preparing the Table

To begin, remove all objects and accessories from your table. Next, get out your file and use it to remove any large pieces of debris from your table. If there are any large chips of paint dangling or rusted sections, use your file on them. Finish up with fine grained sandpaper over any similarly problematic areas.

Next, get your sponge damp and get a little bit of dish soap on it. Use your damp sponge to clean your work table thoroughly. Once you are satisfied that you have removed as much dirt and dust as you can from your work table, use a rag to dry it off.

Step 2 - Preparing the Work Area

Before you paint, you must select a place to work. It is best to paint outside, to avoid dealing with fumes. However, you can work in your garage if you open all of the doors and windows for proper ventilation. Whatever place you choose work in, set up a drop cloth on a flat area of the ground. Once you have done this, set up your table upside down on the drop cloth.

Step 3 - Applying Paint

Now the only thing left is painting the table. First, read your particular can of spray paint's instructions, and refer to them if there is any uncertainty. Before you begin to paint, shake your can of spray paint thoroughly. Next, hold your can of spray paint 18 to 24 inches away from your metal table and pull the trigger. Move your can of spray paint back and forth in slow, even passes. Keep in mind that applying too little paint is not a problem, but applying too much paint is.

Once you have applied paint to the entire available surface of the table, even if you have not yet applied enough, stop and let it dry. This can take anywhere from 15 minutes to many hours, so consult your can's instructions. If your table is not colored thoroughly enough for you, apply another coat once it is dry using the same techniques you used for the first coat of paint. If it is done, however, wait for the final coat to dry and then turn your table over. Repeat the painting process for the top of the table, and any other areas that were covered.