How to Paint a Privacy Fence

What You'll Need
Pressure washer (rental tools)
Acrylic fencepaint
Paint sprayer (rental tools)

A privacy fence gives you an intimate outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining. To give it a fresh, clean look, you can paint your privacy fence. Here are the supplies needed and the steps for this weekend project.

Step 1 - Clean Before Painting

It is important to thoroughly clean your fence prior to painting. Using a pressure washer will clean off all mold that may be on the fence, as well as other dirt and debris. This will assure that your paint will adhere well.

Step 2 - Additional Preparation

After cleaning the whole fence, allow it to dry before applying the paint.

Step 2 - Painting The Fence

Load the paint sprayer's chamber with paint and then begin applying the paint to the privacy fence. Use a sweeping side to side motion to spray an even coat. Push the grass away from the bottom of the fence to get that area. Spray in a downward fashion to get the flat part of the top of your fence. Repeat on the other side of your fence. If you have a lot of paint on the ground, it will disappear when you mow the lawn.