How to Paint a Room Red

What You'll Need
Degreasing cleaner
Drywall putty
Putty trowel and knives
Fine grit sandpaper
High quality red flat paint
Gray primer or matched red primer
High quality brushes and rollers
Paint tray
5 foot roller handle
Painter's tape
Drop sheets, plastic or cotton

To ensure success when you want to paint a room red, you must be certain to prepare the existing surface so red paint, the most translucent of paint colors, will coat it evenly and fully. Follow these steps for fabulous results when painting a room red.

Step 1 - Choose Your Red Paint Carefully

For a fine, opaque finish that does not show brush marks or roller tracks, choose a high-quality red paint, such as Sherwin Williams or Porter. These have high-density color that will cover in 1 or 2 coats over suitable primer. Also buy your brushes and rollers for a red paint project where you obtain your paint.

Step 2 - Choose the Best Time to Paint

If the room you are painting red gets plenty of sunlight in the morning, paint it in the afternoon, and vice versa. Paint when the temperature is above 60 degrees F (15 C) but below 80 degrees F (28 C).

Step 3 - Move All Furniture Away from Walls

If you can, move all the furniture, wall art and drapes out of the room. If not, push everything to the center of the room and cover it with a drop cloth. Remove outlet covers and switch plates and tape off the outlets and switches. Remove or tape off baseboards with painter's tape.

Step 4 - Clean and Prepare the Walls for Painting

Check the wall surface for cracks and holes, and fill these with drywall putty or plaster. Allow the fill to dry thoroughly and sand off with fine grit 120 sandpaper. Clean the walls with a good quality degreasing cleaner and rinse the walls thoroughly after washing. Get the walls to their smoothest condition, because every little sanding scratch, rough edge of a hole, or brush mark will show through red paint.

Step 5 - Prime the Walls

The lighter the color of your original wall surface, the darker your primer should be. If your paint supplier can do it, have them color-match the primer to your red paint. If not, select a dark gray for your primer color. Apply the primer from the top of the walls downward to eliminate drips as you go. Allow the primer to dry overnight or at least 6 hours, before putting the new red paint on the surface.

Step 6 - Apply the Red Paint

Apply the red paint using long up-and-down strokes with your roller. Do not stop your roller stroke in the middle of the wall. Use a low-nap roller to create the smallest "orange peel" texture on the wall. Let the red paint dry for at least 10 hours between coats, and overnight if you have enough time. The red paint must be completely dry or the new coat will tear it, lifting off the previous coat of paint. Check the red paint after drying and apply another entire coat if the color appears uneven.