How to Paint a Shabby Chic Kitchen

What You'll Need
Putty knife
Sand paper
Paint in your chosen color
Petroleum Jelly
Paint roller
Sponges or sponge brush

If you enjoy a worn, antique design in your home you may want to create a shabby chic kitchen. Shabby chic is a type of design in which you artfully make something new like clothing, furniture, or even wall paint appear to be old and worn over the years. This design style has been featured on several T.V. shows and can be compared to buying new "vintage" clothing from the store. If you are someone who likes to create their own antiques in your home then here is a simple way to make your kitchen walls look shabby chic to match.

Step 1 - Choose Your Color

When creating a shabby chic kitchen, you want the paint on the walls to look authentically worn and the paint chipped away with age. To effectively give your kitchen walls the look of faded paint you will want to choose light pastel colors rather than rich dark colors. Using a light pastel color will be very effective when creating the illusion of paint that has been fading over the years.

Step 2 - Remove Old Finish

Once your color is chosen you will want to prepare your wall surface appropriately for the paint. Do this by removing all of the old finish on the walls. This will include scraping or sanding away all old paint, removing bumps due to many repaints in older homes, and scratching or roughing any shiny finish that may have been present on the walls. Make sure all the wall surfaces are clean and smooth before you begin the next step.

Step 3 - Apply Petroleum Jelly and Paint

A great trick in making paint look chipped and worn is to apply a light coat of petroleum jelly to areas where natural fading and chipping would occur in the paint. For texture you can use a sponge or sponge type paint brush and blot on the petroleum jelly in the desired pattern. Once you have applied the petroleum jelly in a light coat in the desired locations begin to apply a few light coats of paint to the wall over the top of the petroleum jelly.

Step 4 - Remove Paint

Once you have applied your chosen color of paint to your wall allow it to dry, though not completely. You want to wait until the paint is no longer wet but is a gummy sticky texture. Once this point is reached use a rag and rub the paint away over the areas that have petroleum jelly. The paint will flake and chip off in a natural looking way. Do this to desired effect. Once you have your chipped paint areas accomplished use your sand paper to lighten the paint finish along the edges of the wall and around areas of natural wear. With some practice you will be able to use this technique to create a rustically beautiful environment in your kitchen and give your house a romantic old feel and look.