How to Paint a Shadow Box

display box with bird print and flowers

Making a shadow box is a fun, creative way to decorate or remember an event. You start with an unfinished wooden shadow box frame, available at craft stores. Once you choose the elements that you want to put inside the box, you need to paint the box to fit its theme and your decor.

How to Paint the Frame

Choose a color that accents the room, but isn't exactly the same as the room paint or wallpaper. Acrylic craft paints are often used, but stains and other paints are acceptable too. Sand the frame lightly and apply primer, then let it dry. Then apply your paint or stain. When that dries you have a beautiful frame for your shadow box.

How to Paint Inside the Shadow Box

If you paint the backing board, acrylic craft paints are again common, but any paint that you are comfortable with can be used. Use colors that fit with the items and colors you use in the rest of the shadow box. Painting on the inside of the glass enhances the 3D effect. How much you want to do this depends on your artistic ability. Remember to paint any lettering backwards, because it will be seen from the other side.