How to Paint a Steam Radiator

What You'll Need
All purpose cleaner
Tack cloth
Wilbond deglosser (paint or home improvement store)
Oil based interior paint spray
Ventilator mask

A steam radiator can last for years. If you happen to have one that is looking drab, you can paint it for a fresh now look!

Step 1 - Clean

The beginning of any successful project is starting with a clean slate. You will want to clean all dirt and dust from your steam radiator first with all purpose cleaner and a dry rag. Next, you will take another dry rag and clean the radiator with Wilbond deglosser. This will remove any greasy residue. Wipe it clean and you will be ready to sand.

Step 2 - Sand

You will need to sand the radiator to give the paint a rough surface to stick to. Also, sanding will remove any loose chips if your radiator already has paint on it. After you have sanded, wipe it well with a tack cloth to remove residue and you're ready to paint.

Step 3 - Paint

Wearing your ventilator mask, spray the oil-based paint onto the radiator. Clean up any drips or spills immediately with a rag. Oil-based paints are hard to remove after drying. After spraying, allow it to completely dry before turning back on. There will be an odor from the fresh paint when you turn it back on, but this will dissipate within a couple of days.