How to Paint a Wood Pool Deck

What You'll Need
Power sprayer
Paint scraper
3 Paint rollers (with extension pole)
Paint pan
Paint (for outdoor wood)
Paint sealer
Water hose

A wood pool deck adds charm to the pool area, making it an extended living space. It's a place where you will hold barbecues, parties and family gatherings. Over time, the wooden deck will suffer from wear from the elements and foot traffic. You will have to invest a weekend of your time, but repainting your pool deck will make it look new again and give the added protection to last for years.

Step 1 - Clean Thoroughly

The first thing you will need to do is to thoroughly clean the wood pool deck. Use a power sprayer to force off any mildew and to help loosen any paint that is ready to chip. If you do not own a sprayer, you can rent one from a tool rental store at a minimum cost. After you have cleaned the wood, allow it to completely dry.

Step 2 - Scrape Off Loose Paint

Use a paint scraper on any areas where paint is starting to peel or is bubbling. Sweep up the debris to be sure there are no paint chips that will get under the primer.

Step 3 - Apply Primer

Primer will fill in any areas where the paint has been scraped away and give the paint something to stick to. It will also add an additional protective layer against water. Apply the primer with a paint roller on an extension so you can apply it in an upright position and not hurt your back. After the entire area is primed, allow it to dry completely before you add paint.

Step 4 - Apply Paint

Put a new roller on the extension pole, and apply the paint in the same manner as the primer. If you have some nooks and crannies where it is difficult to reach with the roller, use a paint brush to access them. Allow the paint to dry. If you see areas where the paint did not cover well, add another coat of paint and again allow it to dry completely.

Step 5 - Apply Sealer

With a new roller on the extension pole, apply sealer as you did the primer and paint. Be careful not to miss any spots. The sealer will protect the paint from water from splashes from the pool and wet feet. For added protection, add a second coat. Just be sure you allow the first coat to dry before applying the second coat or it may become sticky and take a long time to cure.

After you are finished applying the sealer and it has dried, allow it cure for an entire day if it is sunny outside, 2 days if it is extremely humid or raining. If you walk on the deck too soon, the paint will not set and the finish can be damaged.