How to Paint a Wooden Post Sign

wooden post sign is an integral part of each house. They lend a sense of identity to the house and make them stand apart rest. You can do a number of things with a wooden post sign. From the basics like engraving your house number on it, to ensure that people coming to your house can easily spot it and writing your name on the wooden post if you want to decorate your house. In case, you want to rent, sell or mortgage your property, then wooden posts come in handy. You can use these wooden post sign to attract interested buyers or people to your property.

Painting a wooden post sign is really fun and exciting if done in the proper way.

Here are the tools that one needs to paint a wooden post sign

  • Paint
  • Wood Sign Post
  • Sand paper
  • Wood primer
  • Stencil
  • Paint Brush
  • Shellac

Step one: Cleaning the Sign

Get hold of a wood sign post and start cleaning it. If it is a used sign post then use a sand paper to take out all the left over paint and grime. If it is a new wood post, then also scrape it with a sandpaper to ensure that the wooden surface is smoothened. This helps the paint to set in and gives an even look to the wood post. Remember, it is important to scrape the poll along with the post as that too needs to be colored.

Step Two: Apply Primer

Once the surface is evened out and the post is free of dirt, use wood primer to cover the entire flag as well as the pole. Wood primers are easily available in the market and protect the wood against any kind of damage. Ensure that all your brush movements are in the same direction.

Step Three: Buying Paint

Once the primer dries out take out your paint. While buying paint for a wood post, you should remember two things. Firstly, ensure that the paint will stick to a wooden surface. Secondly, ensure that the paint has a weather coat in it to ensure that it looks new and bright for a longer period of time. Choose the color and paint the entire wooden post sign using the same direction of brush movement.

Step Four: Second Coat

Once the paint seeps in, apply another coat of paint to ensure that no spots are left out.

Step Five: Writing Text

On being content with your painting, take out your stencils and use a thin brush and glossy color to write what you want. Remember to be extra cautious while handling a stencil, as you might end up smudging the letters. It would be wise to first carve out the letters using a pencil and then use paint to cover them.

Step Six: Applying Shellac

Once the writing is complete, coat the wooden post with shellac. This would lend a shine and gloss to the wooden post sign.


To make your wooden posts more decorative, you can use a contrast color to make a border on the sign post. This would ensure your wooden post sign stands out.