How to Paint an MDF Radiator Cover

What You'll Need
Oil based primer
Oil paints

An MDF radiator cover is not particularly appealing when not painted. If you choose to paint the MDF radiator cover to go with the décor of your home, use a primer and oil based paints.

Step 1 – Remove the Radiator Cover

Remove the radiator cover when you are painting it so that you can paint hard-to-reach places and avoid dripping paint on the heater. Choose a working space that is ventilated, and place some old newspapers on the table or floor you are working on.

Step 2 – Sand the Radiator Cover

Sand the exterior of the radiator cover, and get rid of the dust particles that result from sanding.

Step 3 – Apply Primer

MDF is a porous material that can be painted both with water based and oil based paints. However, if you opt for oil based paints, you will have to apply fewer coats. Apply an oil based primer on the exterior of the MDF cover. You won’t paint the interior of the radiator cover, so you will not have to prime the interior. Apply 2 or 3 coats of primer, and allow each coat to dry.

Step 4 – Paint the Radiator Cover

Apply the first coat of paint. Oil paints dry within 12 to 24 hours, so you will have to wait before applying the second coat. Ensure the paint is completely dry before you install the cover on the radiator.