How to Paint at Spray Texture Ceiling How to Paint at Spray Texture Ceiling

What You'll Need
Painters tape
Thick roller brush or paint sprayer
Plastic sheeting
Eye protection
Painters mask

Painting a spray texture ceiling is something you may want to consider instead of removing the texture. People may choose to do this if the ceiling is looking old, but they enjoy the texture. Using traditional methods of painting on textured areas can be messy and leave a sloppy finish. If you are going to paint a textured ceiling, here is how you can do this easily.

Step 1 - Decide on a Method

You have two options for painting a textured ceiling. The first option is to use a fluffy roller brush. You can't use a standard roller because it won't thoroughly cover the texture. The second option is to use a sprayer. The sprayer is easier, but is messier. If you are covering a small area the roller brush will be the easiest method. For large areas, the sprayers will cut back on the time involved.

Step 2 - Prepare the Area

Vacuum the area on the ceiling and around the walls to remove any dust or debris that may have built up. Tape off the trim. If you are using a sprayer, you want to cover the walls with plastic as well to prevent paint splatter from getting on the finish. Remove all furniture from the room as well.

Step 3 - Start Painting

If you are using a roller brush, cut in the edges around the trim with a brush. A foam brush works best since these won't damage the texture finish. Once you have cut in the edges you can start to paint the rest of the ceiling with the roller. You want to make sure the brush stays covered with paint without dripping. You will need to apply a couple of coats to make sure the texture is evenly covered.

If you are using a sprayer you will want to prepare the sprayer by adding the paint first. Use a mask and either wear clothing that isn't something you want to wear out, or use painters coveralls. Test the connections of the sprayer before you begin to paint. You can either test it outdoors, or you can spray paint directly in to a bucket. Some machines need to be primed, but most are okay to use without priming. Spray the ceiling in short, even strokes. It will be difficult to see the coverage unless you are painting with a color other than what is currently on the ceiling. Don't put the sprayer away until the paint has dried. This way you can apply a second coat if needed.

Step 4 - Touch Up

With textured ceilings it's not uncommon to find spots that were missed after the paint has dried. You may want to use a second coat. If not, at least wait a day or two and check for missed spots where coverage is weak. You can touch up any sparse areas with a brush.

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