How to Paint Cast Iron Brackets

What You'll Need
Paint brushes
Painter's tape

Cast iron brackets have become a popular staple of the interior design world, due to their sophistication and endurance. These tough, but often stylishly molded brackets can give a room the accent of class and style that it would not otherwise have, and can enhance an older house greatly. If you have some cast iron brackets, but they are starting to look old and shabby, then you can think about painting them a different color to liven them up. Cast iron takes color well, and a little bit of paint could give your old brackets a new lease of life. If you are considering painting your old brackets, then this can be done easily by following a few simple instructions to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Step 1 - Preparation

Prepare your cast iron brackets by giving them a good dust down. Brackets which have a complicated design can be difficult to dust, as there are tiny crevices which cannot be reached by fingers alone, but you have to remove as much dust as you can. If dust or debris are on the brackets when you paint them, it will stick to the paint and make the brackets look unattractive. Once you have finished dusting, lay out some newspapers on the floor, and then stand the ladder on top of these, placing it so that you can conveniently reach as many brackets as possible.

Step 2 - Apply Painter's Tape

Covering the edge of the wall that is next to the cast iron brackets in painter's tape is a good way of protecting them from paint splashes and damage. This is a specialist tape which can easily be removed from walls or wall paper without causing damage. Some people use masking tape for the same effect, but this is not as good, and can pull paint off of the wall behind when it is removed.

Step 3 - Painting the Brackets

Once you have put the painter's tape around the edges, you can start to paint. Choose a paint which matches the rest of the room, but is in a distinct enough color to stand out from the background. Start painting at the top of the bracket, as drips of paint into lower parts can be cleared away as you paint that area, rather than having paint drip onto parts that have just been painted.

Step 4 - Finishing

Once you have completed the painting, leave it to dry for a few days. When it is completely solid, remove the painter's tape from around the outside, and also move any paper that has been left. Your cast iron brackets should now have a new image, and will be suitable for decorating your rooms for many years to come, remaining as attractive as ever, but now in a color which suits the rest of the room.