How to Paint Deck Balusters

What You'll Need
Coarse and fine sandpaper
Paint stripper
1 inch and 4 inch brushes with natural bristles for exterior oil paint, acrylic bristles for primer and outdoor latex
Drop cloth
Paint tray with replacement liners


A freshly painted deck baluster with its ornately curved vertical slats and contoured hand rail is the perfect finishing touch to your deck. Here are tips to paint yours to a perfectly smooth finish.

Step 1 - Start With a Pristine Surface

Sand new wood, or strip pre-painted wood down to the grain. Lay down the drop cloth under the length of the baluster. Stir and apply primer from the top of each baluster downward, catching drips en route. Allow to dry.

Step 2 - Apply the Top Coat of Paint

Paint in a color of weather-resistant paint to match your house trim or complement the deck finish. Use the same technique as for applying primer. Paint in the morning on a sunny day so paint can dry smoothly.

Step 3 - Save the Time and Effort of Painting

Replace old wooden deck balusters with a new rail in all-weather PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Alternately, swap the wooden vertical rails for slim, modern wrought-iron posts in braided, bark or half-twist metal finishes, keeping the wood handrail.