How to Paint Faux Slate Roof Tiles

There will be variations in applying paint to faux slate roof tiles. The type of paint used may be different, but the method is the same. Here are the steps to prepare and apply paint to your faux slate roof and helpful tips.

Step 1-Preparation Before Painting

You will wash the surface with a quality degreaser. To do this, use a pressure washer. Rinse thoroughly. Allow to dry completely before painting. Tip: Be sure your shoe treads are also cleaned with degreaser before stepping back onto the surface following cleaning.

Step 2-Apply Base Paint

Start out using a medium grey for your base coat. If the manufacturer of your roof recommends a primer, do so using a medium grey color. Allow to dry. Then, follow with two full coats of a medium grey paint using the type of paint according to manufacturer's recommendations.

Step 3-Apply Top Glaze Coat

Once again, follow manufacturer's recommendations for the type of paint and glaze to use on your roof. The color will be natural slate grey. You will mix together, 1 part slate grey paint to 2 parts faux glaze mixture. Work in 3-by-3-foot sections. To apply, use a foam roller and paint brush. To get the look of slate, you need to wear a pair of painter's mits on your hands, and a piece of painter's plastic large enough to cover the section you are working with. Lay plastic over the top of wet paint and unevenly smooth using your mit covered hands. Tip: Plastic should be wrinkled and overlapping. This is what gives the natural slate look. Repeat this process over the surface of your roof.

Creating a faux finish to your home can be tedious, but does have its rewards. It sparks your creative side, all the while saving you a bundle of cash.