How to Paint Faux Stone Fireplace Surrounds

What You'll Need
Paper towels
120-grit sandpaper
High-heat paint
Painters tape

Faux stone fireplace surrounds can take an old fireplace and make it new again with very little effort or cost. The one main downside to faux stone fireplace surrounds is that the color schemes are minimal. This helps to keep the costs down but unfortunately your selection is not varied. You will typically settle for a color and style that is close to what you had in mind. Thankfully you can paint faux stone fireplace surrounds on your own to get the color scheme that you prefer. The negative side to painting these surrounds is that you need to do so using the right paint and the correct method. You can complete this project in a single afternoon and without any help. The only skills that you will need are also basic home maintenance skills. The article below will explain how to properly paint faux stone fireplace surrounds.

Step 1 – Preparation of the Surround

Preparing faux stone fireplace surrounds for painting is mostly to protect the wall and floors from getting damaged. Use painter’s tape and place it around the edges of the fireplace. You want to protect the wall, floor and any wood accents that may be around the fireplace. It is also a good idea to place two or three strips of tape side to side to widen the coverage area. Place painter’s tape in the grout lines of the surround unless you want them painted too. You can then cover entire fireplace in an even layer of primer. The primer creates a texture coat that allows paint to adhere properly.

Step 2 – Painting

Choose a color of paint that light such as white, beige or cream. As soon as the primer is dry you can begin applying the paint over the primer using a paintbrush. When this coat is dry use a darker color than the one you used as a base and apply it using the sponge. This method helps to create a richer stone look to faux stone fireplace surrounds.

Step 3 – Deeper Stone Accents

In order for faux stone fireplace surrounds to look more like real stone you need to add shadows and lines. You do this around the pattern edges you had already created. Using the sponge again, dab along the edges of the faux stone near the grout lines. Allow the paint to dry for several minutes before wiping it down with paper towels. This will allow a thin layer of dark paint to remain, acting as shadows and a defined line.

Step 4 – Finish Up

The paint that you use on faux stone fireplace surrounds is often shiny or, at the very least, too shiny to pass for real stone. Remove all of the painter’s tape from the grout lines if you used it. Use the sandpaper and scuff up the lines you made around the grout as well as the stone shapes to give that textures stone look. You can then remove the rest of the painter’s tape.