How to Paint Glass Bowl Sinks

Painted glass bowl sinks are a very popular choice for renovating your bathroom. You can make beautiful designs or paint them in plain glaze with glass paints. Either way, you have to select a suitable glass paint. Paint selection depends on desired performance, effects and durability. You need a long lasting paint for a glass sink. The baking of the paint is required for curing it, but you can paint a glass bowl sink yourself and install it.

Material and Tools

  • Glass paint
  • Color liners
  • Glass cleaner
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Natural hair paint brushes
  • Sponge
  • Oven
  • Soap
  • Water

Step1- Check the Holes

Make sure that the bowl has all pre-drilled holes for fitting the faucet and waste pipe.

Step 2- Cleaning the Glass

Clean the inner side of the glass bowl before painting. Clean the bowl with rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner. This is required to remove any residual grease or dirt left on surface. 

Step 3- Reading the Instructions

Read the manufacturer’s instructions provided with the paint so that the correct process is followed for the particular paint. A few paints require painting an undercoat or overcoat before and after coloring.

Step 4: Painting the Bowl

If you desire to make any designs, you can use the paint liners of your choice to draw designs. Many color and finish effects can be achieved with different paints, including frosted, crackled and iridescent looks. The glass paint is resin-based and is removable before baking. You can adjust or rework any flaws by wiping them off with a swab of alcohol or warm water. If you want to make any designs with the stencils, stick them to the surface and paint with the sponge. Do not mix different varieties of paints, as they will have different formulations and may lead to problems.

Step 5- Baking

Place the painted bowl in a cool oven. All glass bowls can be baked. Set the temperature in the oven and time on the timer according to the instructions of the manufacturer. When the baking is over, allow the bowl to completely cool down before removing it from the oven. Baking gives maximum durability to the paint.

Step 6- Clean the Tools

Clean all the tools with soap and water before they dry.