How to Paint Glass Patio Table Tops

Lead Image
What You'll Need
Glass finish spray
2 saw horses
Picture or stencil
Masking tape
Glass paints
Paint brushes
Glass spray cleaner
Tracing paper

A glass patio table top can be made attractive by giving them a fine look. You can choose from the wide variety of colors available in the market and can blend them to match the room where the table is placed. Either water based paints or oil based transforms a plain glass table into a piece of art. A picture can be drawn or even shimmering effects can be created over the plain glass tables. Given below are a set of steps to paint a picture on the glass table tops.

Step 1 - Cleaning

Before painting the glass table tops, clean the surface using the spray glass cleaner. Wipe off the dust and dirt on the glass table using a newspaper.

Step 2 - Dismantle

Carefully remove the glass table top off the frame. Place two saw horses with a small distance apart on a flat surface. Place the glass table top above the two saw horses.

Step 3 - Selection

Select a picture to be painted and draw a freehand design or trace a picture using tracing paper.

Step 4 - Positioning

Position the picture underneath the glass table top, such that the drawing is facing up through the glass. Fix it using masking tape. If stencil is used, fix it on top of the glass.

Step 5 - Painting

Now fill the design with attractive colors. Make use of glass paints and paintbrushes for painting. Remove painting stains using a cloth soaked in nail polish remover.

Step 6 - Final Touches

Remove the picture from the glass top. Spray the glass top with glass finish spray to seal the paint. Allow it to dry overnight. Then carefully place the glass top onto the frame and legs back to its actual position.