How to Paint Grout

What You'll Need
Tile cleaner for mold and mildew.
Grout paint or stain.
Painters tape

One of the most perplexing questions when updating a bathroom or kitchen is how to paint grout. With new painting concepts appearing almost daily, however, the issue of painting grout is becoming easier. With the proper tools and precautions, painting kitchen or bathroom grout can be done quickly, leaving you time for more important home improvement tasks.

    Step 1 – Clean the tile and grout. Spray the tile and grout thoroughly with a mold and mildew tile cleanser. Allow the spray to settle on the tile and grout for at least five minutes before rinsing. You want to make sure that any mold and mildew is removed before you begin painting the grout. After cleaning the grout, allow it to dry for at least four hours.

    Step 2 – Use painters tape to mark off the area. There are mixed feelings on using painters tape for painting grout. Some do it yourself enthusiasts claim that it takes too much time. The reason to use the painters tape, however, is to avoid having to stop and constantly clean up paint that accidentally found it's way on the tile. If you use the painters tape, you save yourself the time of cleaning the tile and the tile itself.

    Step 3 - Paint the grout. Choose a paintbrush that fits the groove of the grout best. This may require buying a small inexpensive set of paintbrushes. Another option is to purchase a small makeup brush set. They are less expensive and have a wider range of smaller brushes that are perfect for painting grout. Read the instructions given on the grout paint and begin painting.

    Step 4 – Remove the tape and allow to dry. Carefully remove the painters tape and allow the painted grout to dry for at least six hours. You may find that another coat is necessary to achieve the desired color effect. You can add as many coats of paint as you like. Make sure that you are allowing the grout to dry completely between painting sessions. Allowing the painted grout to dry ensures you will not be using to much or little paint.

    Step 5 – Clean and touch up. Allow the painted grout to dry a final time. Check the painted grout thoroughly. You are looking for areas that you may have missed, pale areas that need more painting, and for any paint spills or accidents. Now is the time to perform grout painting touch-ups. After you have finished painting the grout, then clean up.

    Something to consider when you decide to paint grout is weather or not you want to seal the grout. It is up to the individual, but sealing the grout after painting will allow the grout to stay cleaner longer. Sealing grout after painting also maintains the rich color you have worked so hard to apply. Remember to use kneepads or a gardener's kneeling cushion to prevent knee damage during painting.