How to Paint Laminate Bathroom Countertops

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What You'll Need
Painter's tape
Old rags
Fine grit sandpaper
Paint brush
Bonding Primer
Latex Paint
Small paint rollers

Laminate bathroom counter are out of date, but replacing them can be costly. For an inexpensive alternative, you can give your bathroom a fresh look painting your counter tops.

Step 1 - Clean

Clean the laminate thoroughly with a solution of ammonia and water. Throughly scrub away the soap scum and other debris. Allow the laminate to dry thoroughly.

Step 2 - Sand and Tape

Use fine grit sandpaper to rough the surface so that the primer and paint will adhere well. Use a rag to wipe away the residue, then apply painter's tape over the surrounding area.

Step 3 - Prime and Paint

Using the paintbrush, apply a coat of bonding primer. Pay special attention to the corners. Allow it dry, then you will be ready to paint. To apply the paint using a small roller for a smooth finish. Apply a thin coat, allow it to dry, and add a second coat. Allow the second coat to dry before proceeding.

Step 4 - Polyurethane

Apply 2 coats of polyurethane to the new finish with a paint roller. Allow it to dry completely between coats. The polyurethane will protect the finish, make it easy to clean, and give it a lovely sheen.