How to Paint Metal Balusters

What You'll Need
cleaning agent
What You'll Need
cleaning agent

You can paint metal balusters to give them a new look. By getting rid of the rust and applying new paint you can change the way old balusters looks.


Step 1 – Safety

Before you paint metal balusters, make sure you have the appropriate work gear. Put on your gloves. Fumes may cause irritation to your eyes, so make sure you have your work glasses on.

Step 2 – Clean

The surface has to be cleaned before you paint metal balusters. Wash the metal balusters with a cleaner. Cleaning will facilitate the proper application of the primer. Make sure the liquid contains ammonia. The ammonium content will help in ridding the surface of oil and grim. This will give a clean surface to work on.

Step 3 – Rust

Examine the balusters for any trances of rust. Rust is a hindrance when working on a paint metal baluster. It obstructs the paint from getting absorbed and does not give an even look.

Step 4 – Steel Brush

It is important to get rid of all the rust formation on the balusters. Use a brush with steel bristles, or you could use steel wool and scrub off the rust with a rust removal solution. Steel wool gives a better grip.

Step 5 – Dry

After removing all the rust formation, the next step is to wipe the balusters with a cotton cloth and leave it to dry.

Step 6 – Sanding

Once dried, the balusters have to be put through another round of cleaning. This time around you need to sand the surface of the balusters. Sanding helps in removing any dirt or rust that isn't noticeable to the naked eye. Before you start sanding the balusters in the paint metal process you need to decide on which sandpaper it would be appropriate. It would usually be best to go for a sandpaper with medium grit.

Step 7 – Primer for Paint Metal

In order to paint metal balusters, use a primer that is meant for surfaces that are slick. It is important to buy a compatible primer, otherwise it will not give the desired effect. Also, durability could be a problem. The paint metal baluster process requires you to apply the primer in a systematic fashion. Do not apply thick coats to the balusters. Start with a very thin coat. Let it dry. Follow up with another thin coat. Three to four thin coats will do the trick.

Step 8 – Paint

Just like the primer, when buying the paint opt for one that can be applied on metal surfaces. Regular paint will not give the paint metal job the desired outcome.

Step 9 – Paint Metal

In order to paint metal balusters use a paint brush and go easy on the strokes. Thin coats would work best. Allow it to dry in between coats.