How to Paint Metal Chairs

What You'll Need
Wire brush
Primer spray paint
Metal spray paint
Drop cloth

The decor and furniture in your home means a lot to the overall feel of it and being able to paint metal allows you to increase the life of certain furniture. Metal chairs tend to be expensive and are often found as dining room furniture. Metal paint can be used to paint metal chairs in order to go with any paint job that you may have in store with the rest of the home. The article that follows contains information on how you can paint metal chairs.

Step 1 - Preparation

Find a place that is well ventilated and cover the area with a drop cloth. If you are going to paint metal outside on the lawn then use a drop cloth to prevent killing the grass. If your chair has a seat cushion then remove it before you apply metal paint to it. Flip the chair open and remove the screws attaching the seat to the frame. Also remove the back if it is a cushion. Over time metal can develop an oily coating. This is a natural occurrence when the metal is in an area that is slightly damp. This does not always hurt the metal, but it does hinder your chances to paint metal of any kind. To remove this oil you simply have to soak a rag in hot water and wipe the metal chair down. Make sure that you get into every crevice and corner of the metal chair. Dry the metal chair with a clean towel.

Step 2 - The First Coat

Some metal is hard to paint because it is so smooth there is nothing for the paint to bond to. If your metal chair is not textured then the wire brush to scuff up the metal surface. Use a damp rag to remove the metal dust and another rag to dry the metal chair. Sanding the metal chair will allow the metal paint to bond to the texture. If there is rust on the metal chair you will use the wire brush to remove the roughness from it and a towel to remove the dust you created. Use the spray primer paint to cover the entire metal chair. Apply the paint as even as possible.

Step 3 - Finish Painting

The primer coat adheres to the texture you created to give a good surface for the metal paint to adhere to. This is important if the chair had been painted previously as it will cover the existing coat of paint. Wait for the primer coat to dry completely and then evenly apply the metal paint to the chair. Inspect all areas of the metal chair to make sure that you cover all of the crevices and indentations of the metal chair. Wait for the paint to dry and add another coat of paint if it is needed.

Step 4 - Finishing

When the paint is dry you can remove it from the drop cloth. Attach the seat cushion and the back cushion.