How to Paint Metal Shelf Brackets

What You'll Need
Metal brackets
Metal primer
Newspaper or old rag for overspray
Spray paint in the color to go with room dcor

If you have some metal shelf brackets lying around, you might feel the need for some cheap redecorating. These pieces are durable and flexible enough to be employed in a variety of projects, so you might as well put them to good use. Whether it is laundry room shelving you need or more shelving for your computer work area, metal brackets are the way to go. These metal brackets may not be attractive at first, but with some TLC, they can be made to go with the décor in any room. Follow the simple steps below to paint shelf brackets made of metal.

Step 1 - Plan for the Shelves

First decide how the brackets and shelves are going to be used. This step will help you better plan out the materials you need for a given project.

Step 2 - Get Proper Airflow

Since spray paint is toxic to inhale, you will want to do your painting in a well-ventilated area. An outdoor space will be ideal, but a garage a fan will do fine as well. If you are going to be in close confinements, just be sure to wear a face mask.

Step 3 - Wash Old Brackets

If you are using old, worn brackets, wash them with warm soapy water before you begin your painting. This will help the paint stick easier.

Step 4 - Separate Bracket Pieces

Take the arm and wall mount of the brackets apart. The two pieces need to be painted separately. If the brackets are rusty, you can remove any rust with a rust primer before you paint the components.

Step 5 - Prime the Brackets

Take the metal primer and spray all of the brackets with it. The primer helps to reduce rust in the future and makes for a perfect surface for the paint to stick to. Make sure to follow the directions on the primer for drying. Do not paint until this is completely dry.

Step 6 - Paint the Brackets

Spray paint the brackets the desired color to go with your room and its shelves.

Step 7  - Open the Slots

Make sure to take toothpicks to reopen the wall mount slots that are for the arms, so that it will not be difficult to put the arms into the brackets wall mounts. This will also save you from damaging the paint.

Step 8 - Attach the Brackets

After you are done with this, attach the wall mount of the brackets to the wall and put the arms of the brackets in the slots you need for the desired height. Then you are done.