How to Paint Outdoor Rattan Furniture How to Paint Outdoor Rattan Furniture

What You'll Need
Waterproof paint
Paint tray
Sponge paintbrush
Nonabrasive cloth

Due to it's durability and extreme resiliency, outdoor rattan furniture is ideal for patios and porches. If you're not crazy about the furniture's natural color, however, you'll be pleased to know that you can easily paint it.

Step 1 - Prepare Your Funiture

Begin this step by placing your outdoor rattan furniture atop a large tarp to prevent any paint drips from finding their way onto the area's surface. Next, wipe the furniture down with a lightly dampened nonabrasive cloth to remove any caked-on dirt or dust. Follow up by using a sheet of sandpaper to smooth out any rough patches on the furniture.

Step 2 - Paint Your Furniture

After pouring your waterproof paint into a paint tray, load up a sponge paintbrush and begin applying your paint in smooth, even motions. When carrying out this step, it is generally recommended that you begin with the more prominent areas of the furniture and gradually work your way to the smaller parts. As with any furniture paint job, be sure to perform this step outdoors or in a well-ventilated location. One thoroughly-applied coat of paint is usually enough for most pieces of rattan furniture.

After the paint has fully dried, place your furniture in the desired location and enjoy many years of reliable use.

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