How to Paint over Glazed Tile

What You'll Need
Tile cleaner
Sand paper
Electric sander (rental tools)
Oil based primer
Oil based paint
Paintbrushes and paint rollers

Glazed tile is expensive to replace, but you can paint glazed tile in order to create a new look that is inexpensive. With a trip to a home improvement store you can give your glazed tile a new finish.

Step 1 - Clean Thoroughly

In order to get a good end result, the tile will need to be as clean as possible. Using a cleaner made especially for tile will allow you to get down into the crevices to remove all of the debris. Tile cleaner is abrasive so you will want to be sure to rinse well to remove all of the grit.

Step 2 - Sand the Tile

Sanding the tile will remove some of the shiny surface. This will help the primer and paint stick better. After all of the tile is sanded down, clean it with a damp cloth and allow it to dry. You'll then be ready to apply primer.

Step 3 - Applying the Primer

To begin, use a paintbrush to cut in the corners and around edges. You will then use the paint roller to finish applying the primer to the rest of the tile. Allow the primer to dry, and your tile will be ready for paint. Clean your paintbrush and roller and allow them to dry completely.

Step 4 - Painting the Tile

Follow the same steps as you did applying the primer by cutting in the edges and corners with the paintbrush, and follow with the rest of the tile with a paint roller. Depending on how dark the tile is, you may have to apply a second coat.