How to Paint Over Pressure Sensitive Tape

A pressure sensitive tape is also known as adhesive tape or sticky tape. The tape is widely used in households for various purposes, on materials such as plastic, metal, fabrics or paper.

You Will Need: 

  • Paint (water based)
  • Small brush with natural fibers
  • Double sided paper tape


Step 1-- Choose the Paint

Choosing the paint will be made in such a way as to match the rest of the ensemble, where the pressure sensitive tape is placed. You may use only water-based paint.

The water-based paint (i.e. acrylic or tempera) is more recommended as oil may contain a solvent, which can damage the tape, especially if the tape will heat up. In addition, when the tape will heat up, the oil may also liquefy.

Step 2 – Paint Over the Tape 

Get a small brush, which has natural fibers (avoid plastic brushes). Gently paint over the area with pressure sensitive tape. Perform moves from left to right or up and down, covering all areas of pressure sensitive tape. Make sure not to press on the area that you paint, as this can damage the tape. Allow the area to dry and reapply as many times as needed to obtain an even surface.

If the area is too slippery to be painted, you can use double-sided tape that has a paper surface; paint the upper surface and place the tape on the pressure sensitive tape.