How to Paint over Semi-gloss Paint

Paint and paintbrushes.
What You'll Need
Electric sander
Step stool
Drop cloth
Safety glasses
Dust mask
Tack cloth
Paint primer
Paint roller
Painters tape

If you want the rooms in your home to pop and sizzle with vibrant colors then semi-gloss paint is a great choice. Semi-gloss paint is one of few paint choices you will find that is shiny and can reflect off itself. The problem that many people have with semi-gloss is that it is difficult to use. You have to create a very clean surface, prime it with two coats, and then start applying the semi-gloss paint which is also prone to streaking. It is also thinner than other paints and, therefore, runnier. This usually translates into botched paint jobs and is also the reason why semi-gloss paint needs to be applied in several coats.

Two great things about semi-gloss paint are that it makes a wall stand out and it is also easy to clean. It is this one point that makes painting over semi-gloss paint difficult. Semi-gloss paint repels water so you can wipe it down and wash it but getting other paint to adhere to it can be tricky. This article will show you how.

Sand the Wall

Semi-gloss paint is very smooth and shiny and it repels water. This means it needs something that isn't there -- texture. Move furniture from the walls and out of the room. Place a drop cloth over furniture you cannot move. Cover the floor with a drop cloth and put on your dust mask and safety glasses. Gently sand the wall using very little pressure over the entire wall, then use the tack cloth to remove dust.

Get Ready to Paint

Now you can get ready to paint. Place painters tape around the edges of the wall so you don't paint the ceiling, floor or another wall on accident. Use the screwdriver and remove light switches, light fixtures, or outlets that may be present on the wall you are painting. The last things you want to add to the shopping list are new fixtures and covers.

Use Primer

Even though the semi-gloss paint is textured and can be painted, it is still fairly bright. This shine can show through a coat of matte paint. Primer is typically a dull white although you can buy primer in various colors to interact with the base coat of paint. Begin painting the edges of the wall and around outlets and switches using a paintbrush. Use a roller to apply the rest of the primer and allow it to dry prior to applying another coat.

Paint the Wall

Wait for the primer to dry for a day and then apply the first coat of paint. There's no special way to apply the base coat. Once it is dry, another coat of paint can be added if you feel it’s needed.