How to Paint Redwood Lumber

What You'll Need
Wood caulk
Sanding block
Sand paper
Paint brushes
Paint bucket or paint tray

Redwood lumber is a good choice for exterior home applications. The red color is due to the tannic acid in the bark of the tree. The redwood tree is naturally protected against fire because of its thick bark and lack of resin. The tannic acid protects the tree against fire, insects, and decay. These same properties make it a durable wood for using in exterior siding, decks, and fences.

Step 1 – Prepare the Surface

If there is any existing paint on the redwood then scrape off the loose paint and fill any holes or cracks with wood caulk.

Step 2 – Smooth the Surface

If the redwood is smooth side out then prepare the wood by sanding it. Then wipe it down to be sure any loose particles are removed and wood surface is dust free.

Step 3 – Prime the Wood

Due to the tannic acid, it is important to apply a primer to the wood before painting. Use an oil-based primer instead of a latex primer.

Step 4 – Paint Evenly

Choose exterior grade paint. Apply evenly in two thin layers instead of one thick layer.

The paint finish will last for years and you will be glad you spent the time to properly prepare the wood.