How to Paint Solid Wooden Shutters

What You'll Need
A large cloth
A paint scraper
General use sandpaper
Hot water
A bucket
A general use brush or sponge
Small and large paintbrushes
Clear coat primer
Protective clothing

You will have to paint solid wooden shutters once every few years to keep them looking in good condition. Shutters need to be painted in a very thorough way because they will give your house a decorative accent. This accent will help the house to stand out. They are also exposed to the elements and need to be protected. Painting shutters is not at all difficult to do.


Step One - Remove and Prepare

The first step towards painting wooden shutters is to remove them and prepare them. Lay out a large sheet or cloth over the area in which you will work. Either remove one shutter at a time or remove them all in one go. Use a scraper to remove any large lumps and bumps on the surface of each shutter. Use the same scraper to remove any old layers of paint. Use a fine piece of general use sandpaper to smooth out the surface and edges of each shutter. This is important because it will help the paint to stick and look glossy.

Step Two - Clean the Shutters

Make a solution of soap and hot water in a large bucket. Use a brush or a large sponge to wash each shutter in turn. This will remove any dirt or debri, which has built up on the shutter since you last painted it. Find a warm and open area where the smooth and clean shutters can dry before painting. The hot water will help any remaining flakes of paint come loose.

Step Three - Primer Layer

Take a small paintbrush and apply an even layer of clear paint primer. If there is more primer in one place it will form a bump on the surface. Primer will prepare the wood to receive the paint layer. Only apply a thin layer because the majority of solid wooden shutter surfaces will be substantially aged and delicate. Primer each shutter and return them to the same area for further drying.

Step Four - Paint Shutters

Once the layer of primer has dried, it's time to paint the shutters. Have two or three large paintbrushes at hand, which you can rotate to keep the paint layer level. It is important to use an oil-based paint if there is already oil paint on the wood shutters and acrylic paint for exactly the same reason. You will want a very glossy look to the shutters so don't be afraid to be generous with your paint layer. You can always add more. A good tip is to keep turning the shutters over so paint marks and brush strokes don't appear.

Step Five - Finish

Allow the paint layer to dry and add further layers if you want more depth of color. Affix the shutters over exterior windows and your solid wooden shutters will have a brand new coat of paint.