How to Paint Steel Legs on Kitchen Work Tables

What You'll Need
Old newspapers
Fine grained sandpaper
Dish soap
Spray paint

There are many ways to protect the legs of kitchen work tables. While simply treating them right and being careful will help, it will only go so far. To protect your table's steel legs from rust, it is a good idea to keep them painted properly. Doing this can also make your kitchen table more aesthetically pleasing. Painting your table yourself means you can choose its color and match it to your home's decor. What follows should give you all of the information you need to paint your own kitchen table's legs yourself.

Step 1: Setting Up

Before you can work on your table, you will need to choose a work area and prepare it. Find a flat area outside to work if at all possible, as you want to avoid breathing fumes from your paint. However, you can work indoors if you open all of your doors and windows. Once you select an area, put down old newspapers to keep your table off of the ground, and the ground from being painted. You may need to weigh the newspapers down with small objects if it is windy.

Step 2: Cleaning the Table Legs

Clear off your table, and remove any detachable accessories from it. Next, bring your table to the work area that you have selected, and set it up, legs up, on the newspapers. File off any large pieces of paint or debris, particularly ones that are loose or dangling.

Once you have removed any problematic pieces of material with your file, use your sandpaper on the legs of the table to remove anything that is more difficult. You can even use sandpaper to use small amounts of rust.

Finally, use a damp sponge with a small amount of dish soap on it to wash your table's legs. When you are done, dry them off with clean rags.

Step 3: Protecting the Table

Cover the bottom of the table with newspaper as thoroughly as possible, leaving space for the legs. You should allow the newspaper to hang over the edges of the table. Finally, use tape to connect the newspapers to the edges of the table legs. Be sure to not cover any section you want painted, and leave all sections you want painted uncovered.

Step 4: Painting the Table

Shake your can of spray paint vigorously. Once you've done this, spray the legs of your table lightly, using even passes. Stay 18 to 24 inches away and use as little paint as possible on any particular area. If the paint forms drops on your table's legs, you have definitely used too much. Remember, using too little spray paint is always preferable, as adding more coats is easy, but taking off paint is not feasible.

When using spray paint, always refer to your individual can's instructions first.

Step 5: Additional Coats

Once you have applied paint to all of the table legs evenly, stop and allow the paint to dry. You will probably need to apply at least one more coat.