How to Paint Suspended Ceiling Tiles How to Paint Suspended Ceiling Tiles

What You'll Need
Paint roller
Small paint brush
Drop cloth
Paint thinner
Paint rags

In order to paint suspended ceiling tiles, you need a paint roller with an extension rod. They will allow you to reach the tiles without interrupting your work to move a ladder. This method is an easy way to complete your suspended ceiling tile painting job. Purchase paint for ceiling tiles and a paint roller along with a drop cloth. Make sure to purchase the amount of paint needed to complete the suspended ceiling tile painting job.

Step 1 - Purchase Paint Materials for Store

Go to a painting supply store to purchase the. Ask the sales associate about the type of paint that works best for suspended ceiling tiles. When asking the sales associate questions about the ceiling paint, also ask about the amount of paint that you need to purchase based on the size of the space being painted. Also, purchase paint rollers and paint thinner to use to clean up any paint drips. Buy a large drop cloth to put underneath the suspended ceiling tiles and to cover any objects that cannot be moved from underneath the tiles.

Step 2 - Prepare the Area for Painting

Remove all movable items from the room containing the suspended ceiling tiles. Place the drop cloth on the floor and over all furniture and other items that you cannot remove. With the area prepared, pour the paint into a roller pan and apply some to the paint roller. Roll the paint onto the suspended ceiling tiles.

Step 3 - Paint the Ceiling Tiles

Apply the paint to the ceiling tiles evenly. Use long, even strokes when spreading the paint on the suspended ceiling tiles. When you complete the process of putting paint on the tiles, allow it to dry thoroughly before applying a second coat.

Step 4 - Clean Up and Inspect Tiles

Clean the area where the suspended ceiling tiles were painted. Use paint rags to wipe up any drips that may have fallen from the ceiling and clean up any tiles. Take a ladder and inspect the individual tiles to determine their coverage. Use a small paint brush to touch up any spots and areas that you missed while painting.

This step will complete the process for painting your suspended ceiling tiles. Be aware that when painting the tiles, you will need to take care not to push the tiles upward into the suspended ceiling tile grid. You should be able to cover the tiles with the use of the paint roller. You can also use a ladder and paint brush to paint the suspended ceiling tiles. You will need to move the ladder into position in order to reach the different areas of the ceiling.

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